We all love to live in a well-decorated, well-organised home, isn’t it? Of course we do. But when it comes about maintaining our homes, most of us take two steps backward. Well, this is natural indeed. After coming from work five days a week, who will want to go for cleaning the house after that?!! We would rather prefer to relax in the weekends or spend time with our family and friends. But we just cannot avoid the fact that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, maintenance is required, may that be regularly, weekly or monthly.

Today we are going you guide you to maintain your house in easy simple ways so that you will not feel the task as a burden. And to help you in this task are some people or group of people who are just a call away for helping you. They are your electrician from Ascot Vale, plumber, etc. We are going to divide your household maintenance task in four categories, namely, regularly, weekly, monthly and half yearly.


In this category you need to do probably the most vital tasks of your house.

  • Do call the electrician for having a maintenance check-up of all the wirings of your house. Just because they are experts in this field, they are ever ready and updated with the latest techniques.
  • Call for the plumbers and go for a check-up of all the pipelines and water tanks of your house.


  • Trimming the plants of your garden is essential.
  • Chimney cleaning is also needed.


  • Once in every week you need to clean all the dust and dirt of your house. Yes it is tough for all, but you have no other option dear.
  • Clean dust from your decorative items and other things. And with vacuum cleaner it will hardly take 15-20 minutes for an average size house.
  • Cleaning the refrigerator is a must.
  • Cleaning the garden is also necessary as dry leaves and twigs may cover the entire garden area. And if it rains, the whole area looks messy and dirty. But with weekly cleaning, you can prevent yourself from the mess.


There are some tasks which you cannot avoid but have to do them on regular basis, if you want to be the owner of a neat and clean house. So here are your tips:

  • Once you get out of bed every morning, make it your duty to put the pillows in its proper place and blankets folded; clean the dust of your bed sheet. A messy bed never looks good; whereas an organised bed says a lot about your personality.
  • Regular cleaning of the floors is also essential.
  • Your kitchen should be cleaned too